New Mexico

New Mexico

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  • Thanks to New Mexico's wide-open spaces, you and your employees may do a lot of driving between client sites. More driving means a greater risk of accidents. Check with your agent to be sure you have the business auto coverage you need.
  • In New Mexico, if your workers' compensation premium with a commercial carrier or group self-insurance fund is $5,000 or more, or if you are self-insured or a member of a pool, you must have an annual safety inspection that meets the minimum inspection standards of the state's workers' comp administration. The WCA offers free inspections by its own safety consultants.
  • If you're unsure that you have the right insurance policies or the appropriate amount of coverage for your New Mexico business, contact Business Insurance Now for a free consultation.

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Famous for its breathtaking scenery and southwestern culture, New Mexico attracts tourists from around the world to enjoy outdoor sports, historical attractions, bustling cities and charming small towns. Tourism has created many business opportunities in the state, as have the state government's economic incentives designed to create new jobs. 1 New Mexico businesses are wise to ensure they have the right insurance coverage to keep them growing strong, including workers' compensation and professional and general liability.

New Mexico Workers' Comp, Clarified

New Mexico's workers' compensation law requires that all businesses that employ three or more workers have workers' compensation insurance coverage. While that sounds clear enough, there are many nuances to the state's workers' compensation laws that are important for business owners to understand. For clarification on the ins and outs of New Mexico's workers' compensation requirements, contact Business Insurance Now. Our New Mexico insurance experts can evaluate your workers' comp insurance needs and get you the coverage you need, fast.

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Business Liability Insurance Package Policy. Often referred to as a Business Owner Policy or "BOP," this General Liability package policy protects your company in the event a client is injured on your premises, or if you or one of your employees causes an injury or property damage at a client's location.

Professional Liability Insurance. Professional Liability or "Errors & Omissions" Insurance provides coverage in the event you are legally obligated to pay for economic damages to your client or a third party caused by your alleged negligent or improper advice -- or other errors or omissions in your work. This coverage is critical for professional services companies.

Workers' Compensation Insurance. Required in many states, Workers' Compensation Insurance provides medical and disability coverage for company employees in the event of a work-related illness or injury.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance. EPLI insurance provides the protection you need should one of your employees allege any number of employment practice violations. These violations include age, race or gender discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. EPLI is essential coverage in today's litigious workplace.

1. State of New Mexico Economic Development Department: Business Assistance: Incentives