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Maid Services

Unlike commercial janitorial services, maid services are trusted to work in private homes. While they do encounter many of the same risks as larger, commercial cleaning operations, maid services face their own unique set of risks. Business Insurance Now specializes in insurance for maid services, providing just the right amount of coverage to protect your business and your employees. Get insured now.

Available Coverage

General Liability Insurance. General liability insurance protects your maid service against the high legal costs associated with bodily injury and property-related lawsuits. For example, if your customer’s property turns up missing, a client’s house is left unlocked, or your employee leaves a toxic cleaning chemical within reach of a customer’s child, you could easily face a lawsuit. Our general liability policies go beyond liability coverage, also paying for damage to others’ property in your care, custody or control. We even offer coverage to replace lost keys and/or install new locks if one of your employees loses a customer’s house keys. Coverage also extends to your own offices, should visitors allege that bodily injury or property damage occurred there, and includes employee claims that you have negligently administered your employee benefits program.

Property Coverage. Property insurance protects your office and storage areas against loss from fire, theft and certain other situations, along with all of the equipment and supplies your business relies on. Property insurance also covers your clients’ property that is in your care, custody or control, including employee theft of your customer’s property and damage to client-owned vacuums, electrical systems, draperies, carpeting, furnishings, and breakable objects. We even offer coverage for your employees’ own equipment, as well as breakdown of your business’s equipment. Coverage also includes loss of business income if your hosted web site should go down, and electronic vandalism such as hacks into your computer systems.

Building Cleaning and Maintenance Service Contractors SPICE Endorsement. Designed just for businesses like yours, this add-on to your property insurance policy covers your business personal property against loss, theft or damage, when it is in-transit or at another location outside your office. It also adds $25,000 of basic business income at locations you select, along with coverage for employee theft, forgery and alterations, and money and securities.

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