Savings Tips

  • In Louisiana, all employers must provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees, and there is more than one way to get insured. Business Insurance Now can help you determine the best and most affordable option for you and your employees.
  • Due to the seasonal threat of hurricanes in Louisiana, check your insurance policies for provisions addressing flooding and water damage. Because these may not be included with a standard property insurance policy, ask your Business Insurance Now agent if you need to purchase additional coverage.
  • Business interruption insurance pays you for lost income if your company should be forced to shut down temporarily due to covered property damage. Ask your Business Insurance Now agent if business interruption coverage, which is typically included in a small business general liability and property package policy, would be a smart investment for your Louisiana business.

Louisiana Business Insurance

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Famous for its food, music and bon temps, Louisiana is also home to industries as diverse as tourism, farming, seafood, energy, transportation and shipping. Business success in the state requires a combination of southern grit and business savvy, and wise Louisiana business owners know that appropriate commercial insurance can make or break a business when the going gets rough. Let the Louisiana insurance experts at Business Insurance Now help you evaluate your business's risks and develop a custom insurance plan to cover them.

Weather the Storm in Louisiana

After the physical and economic devastation of Hurricane Katrina, businesses in Louisiana have learned the value of property and business interruption insurance. But determining how much coverage you need, and ensuring you have the right type of coverage to protect against all possible threats, requires expertise. The Louisiana insurance experts at Business Insurance Now can help. Simply complete our online application today, and we'll evaluate your needs and get you multiple quotes in 24 hours or less.

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Let us help you find and bind any of the following coverages:

Commercial General Liability.This general liability package policy protects your company in the event a client is injured on your premises, or if you or one of your employees causes an injury or property damage at a client's location.

Workers' Compensation Insurance. Required in many states, Workers' Compensation Insurance provides medical and disability coverage for company employees in the event of a work-related illness or injury.