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Comprehensive Protection for Your Cleaning Business

Janitorial and cleaning businesses perform almost all of their work at locations outside their own offices, creating a unique set of risks and plenty of opportunities for financial losses. Whether your cleaning business has one employee or 20, they may be traveling to the job site in their own vehicles or those your business owns, working odd hours in empty buildings, handling valuable customer property, and coming into contact with a wide range of hazards. In this business, you're always one car accident, slippery floor or broken sculpture away from a lawsuit or costly expense you didn't budget for.

That's where we come in. Business Insurance Now specializes in affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for janitorial and other cleaning businesses, helping your business thrive in the face of everyday risk.
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Covered Specialties

  • Janitorial and housekeeping services for retail stores, restaurants, theaters, arcades and banks
  • Maid services for, homeowners, condo-owners, and owners of apartment buildings

Available Coverage

General Liability Insurance. General liability insurance protects your cleaning business against the high legal costs of bodily injury and property-related lawsuits: for example, if your client's employee is injured after slipping on a wet floor, your employee knocks over a flat screen TV or your customer's property is stolen or "mysteriously disappears." Our general liability policies go beyond liability coverage, also paying for damage to others' property in your care, custody or control. Coverage is also available to replace lost keys and/or install new locks if one of your employees loses a client's keys. Coverage also extends to your own offices, should visitors allege that bodily injury or property damage occurred there, and includes employee claims that you have negligently administered your employee benefits program. Optional coverage is available for accidental pollution or environmental damage, and excess coverage is available to extend your coverage limit up to $15 million. There is no liability deductible.

Property Coverage. Janitorial and cleaning businesses typically house cleaning equipment and supplies, including flammable chemicals that could pose a fire hazard. Property insurance protects your office and storage areas against loss from fire, theft and certain other situations, along with all of the equipment and supplies your business relies on. Property insurance also covers your clients' property that is in your care, custody or control, including employee theft of client property and damage to client-owned vacuums or floor cleaning equipment, electrical systems, draperies, carpeting, furnishings, and breakable objects. We even offer coverage for employees' tools, equipment breakdown, and contract penalties when work can't be completed due to damage to your equipment. Coverage also includes loss of business income if your hosted website should go down, and electronic vandalism such as hackers into your computer systems. We also offer dependent properties coverage which replaces lost income if you temporarily lose a client when the client's building is closed due to a covered loss.

Cleaning and Maintenance Service Contractors SPICE Endorsement. Designed just for businesses like yours, this add-on to your property insurance policy covers your business personal property against loss, theft or damage, when it is in-transit or at another location outside your office. It also adds $25,000 of basic business income at scheduled premises you select, along with coverage for employee theft, forgery and alterations, and money and securities.

Workers' Compensation Insurance. Your employees could be exposed to wet floors and other fall hazards, caustic or toxic cleaning chemicals or pesticides, bio-hazardous waste, heavy lifting, misuse of power tools and equipment, repetitive motion injuries, and even assault while working off-hours in empty buildings. Workers' compensation insurance covers your employees' medical expenses and at least some portion of their lost wages if they should be injured on the job. Many states require janitorial businesses to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees. Our workers' compensation policies come with Employment Practices Liability Insurance to protect your business against lawsuits from your employees alleging various wrongful employment practices, including discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Commercial Automobile Insurance. If your employees run errands for your cleaning business, often travel to work sites at night or in inclement weather, or transport fellow workers in their personal autos, hired and non-owned auto insurance is valuable protection that goes above and beyond your employees' personal auto policies. Our commercial auto policies also cover vehicles owned or leased by your business and provide lease gap coverage to help pay off a lease if a leased car is totaled, glass repair waiver of deductible and extension of excess liability. If your auto policy covers liability and physical damage on at least one owned auto, an additional $50,000 limit per loss is added for hired auto physical damage. This coverage even pays extra expenses associated with returning a stolen vehicle to you.

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Not a Janitor?

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Tips to Reduce Liability for Janitors

  • Utilize a checklist at the end of every job to ensure that all work is complete and that the building has been properly locked and secured.
  • While it's important to stay in touch with your employees in the field, driving and mobile phones don't mix. Even if talking on a phone while driving is legal in your service area, consider providing hands-free headsets to all employees or establishing a "no calls while driving" policy.
  • Ask clients to lock up or relocate rare, valuable or fragile items before your team begins work. Instruct employees in proper procedures for cleaning and handling equipment around such items to minimize opportunities for breakage.