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Strong Protection for Technology Business

Operating a small technology service business is rewarding, but it also comes with its own share of risks. Your IT clients count on you to establish and maintain systems that they can rely on for their daily operations, and a simple mistake or oversight on your part could have enormous financial repercussions for your small consulting, development, engineering, or programming business. At the same time, an unexpected event, such as theft, fire, or a natural disaster, could suddenly take away the assets your small business relies upon.

Thankfully, Business Insurance Now can provide affordable insurance to protect your IT business against these common risks and many others. We understand the insurance needs of small technology businesses like yours as well as the insurance requirements that are often included in IT clients' contracts. Let our technology service insurance experts answer all your questions, ensure you're in compliance with your contract requirements, and get you the coverage your business needs, at a great price.

Our licensed agents understand the challenges and risks that are unique to the technology realm and specialize in providing insurance policies tailored to address them. We can help you evaluate your risks and provide a business insurance strategy that's individually designed for your small IT service business.

We can insure your company, employees, business property, and even your professional services from a wide range of risks, at highly competitive rates. Get insured now.

Covered Specialties

Business Insurance Now offers coverage for many types of technology businesses, including:

  • Application service providers (ASP)
  • C++ developers
  • Cisco engineers
  • Computer consultants
  • Computer programmers
  • Database administrators (DBA)
  • Hardware installation experts
  • Integration specialists
  • IT consultants
  • IT project managers
  • J2EE architects
  • Java developer
  • LAMP developers
  • Mobile application developers
  • .NET developers
  • Online security specialists
  • Oracle developers
  • PHP engineers
  • QA analysts
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Ruby developers
  • SAP developers
  • Software developers
  • SQL DBAs
  • Storage administrators
  • Systems architects
  • System designers
  • Technical project managers
  • Technical writers
  • Unix system engineers
  • Website developers
  • XML developers

Whether you're a one person operation or you have a team of employees, it's simple to protect your technology business from the risks you encounter daily. And, we can provide fast (often same day) coverage from A-rated insurance companies with expertise in serving technology businesses just like yours.

Available Coverage

We offer a wide range of policy options, including:

As policies and coverage vary by carrier, many technology companies contact us for advice on which option is best for their type of IT service business. Our Business Insurance Now agents are here to help you select the right coverage whether you are a developer, engineer, consultant or administrator.

Request a free quote. We will respond within 24 hours during the week and can begin your coverage that same day.

If you are unsure as to what insurance is best for your tech business needs, our licensed insurance agents can help. We're open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time . You may reach us at (800) 655-1714 or e-mail an agent.

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Risk Management Tips to Reduce Your Liability
as an IT Professional

  • Establish strict security controls for portable technology that may contain sensitive client data.
  • Require subcontractors to carry their own insurance.
  • Use detailed contracts to set expectations and track scope changes.
  • Manage client expectations with regular written progress reports.
  • Avoid workers' comp claims with appropriate safety and ergonomic gear and training.