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Mashable suggests top web design errors for small businesses to avoid


For many small business, a website is an invaluable tool for marketing purposes. However, having a poorly designed website may do more harm than good, leaving potential clients with an ambivalent or negative perception of the business. According to Mashable, avoiding these common website errors may help a small business leave a positive impression on potential clients.

Websites with poor navigation tend to lose visitors quickly, as they find it difficult to explore the site and the setup is unable to keep their interest, the source says, leading to short visit times.

Sites with no call to action also suffer when it comes to keeping visitors, particularly when the intention is to provide a good or service. If a visitor does not know how to contact the site owner or what steps to take to engage with the company, a site visit can be fruitless.

The site should look appealing and be simple to read as well, both content-wise and aesthetically, the source suggests. Having easily viewable colors and appropriate contrast, particularly for texts and backgrounds, may make it simpler to get the necessary information from the site. Additionally, too much clutter can make a website distracting and unprofessional. Content should also be laid out clearly, as it is the most important part of a web user's visit.

Small businesses should also ensure they protect themselves legally with the appropriate disclaimers and terms of use documents, but may want to invest in small business insurance, in the event that a user brings a claim against them.

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