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What it Takes to Hire Top Talent, Young and Old


Small business owners who are attempting to grow despite the current state of the economy and looking to hire new employees need to find new ways to lure the top talent to their firms. Members of the job pool want their needs met before they agree to work for a company, and it is causing small business owners to think outside the box in their recruiting strategies.

According to recent research compiled by market research firm Dimensional Research, Generation X is the most demanding group of prospective employees, while Millennials prefer to be developed in the workplace. Figuring out ways to please certain groups of the workforce will make it easier for small business owners to add the most productive staff to their firms. However, before bringing on any staff, it's important for small business owners to invest in general liability insurance for protection against legal claims in the workplace.

What does it take to attract Millennials?

Many believe the younger workforce feels entitled upon entering the job market, and survey statistics show they may be right. The research demonstrated Millennials are more attracted to employers who offer ways to improve their skills. Forty percent are more likely to request training, while 42 percent would prefer having a mentor when they are first hired.

Innovations in technology are also making it easier to bring the younger, skilled members of the workforce. Twelve percent of human resources have communicated with prospective employees about a job via text message and 51 percent have used some form of social media.

What about Generation X?

Older employers are far different from their younger competition. In fact, the survey found that around 39 percent request higher salaries and nearly half ask for more prestigious job titles. Generation X also wants more flexibility at their place of employment. According to the research, half of the women who participated in the survey want flexible work hours and 36 percent of men would be pleased with an off-cycle raise.

Chief officer of learning for SuccessFactors Dr. KarieWillyerd noted that as the workplace has ever greater numbers of working mothers or individuals taking care of aging family members, it makes sense that there is a desire for greater flexibility. Companies should put resources into crafting creative programs for engagement, recruitment and retention so they can engage better with today’s diverse job candidates.

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