Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance for Engineers
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Excess Liability/Umbrella
Insurance for Engineers

Suppose your client's contract requires you to carry $2 million in general liability coverage, but your general liability policy only covers you for $1 million. How can you add a million dollars in coverage affordably? It's easy: Purchase an umbrella insurance policy for just a few hundred dollars in annual premiums.

Also known as excess liability insurance, umbrella insurance adds additional coverage to your existing general liability insurance policy, and also boosts your coverage limits for certain other types of insurance, such as employer's liability and hired and non-owned auto insurance.

What You Need to Know

Whether or not your client requires you to carry high coverage limits, it's wise to assess your engineering business's risks and insure accordingly.

Let's say that one of your employees is visiting a work site and accidentally triggers a chain of events that results in an employee of your client's company being injured. Your company is sued for $1.5 million, but your general liability coverage limit is just $1 million. If a court orders you to pay, an excess liability policy would cover the additional $500,000. Without it, you'd be responsible for that additional amount.

Not sure how much coverage you might need? Ask the engineering insurance experts at Business Insurance Now for a free, no-obligation risk assessment.

It's important to note, however, that umbrella liability insurance does not extend the coverage limits on an errors and omissions or professional liability policy. If you're concerned about whether you have enough professional liability coverage, the licensed agents of Business Insurance Now are happy to help you determine appropriate coverage limits for your engineering business.

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Excess Liability Tips

  • Generally sold in coverage increments of $1 million, umbrella insurance can be easily added to an underlying policy for a few hundred dollars a year.
  • Having trouble deciphering your client's insurance requirements, and need to be sure you get the right coverage? Ask Business Insurance Now's engineering insurance experts to review the language in your contract and get you a fast quote for the coverage you need.
  • Many engineers choose to purchase their umbrella policies from the same insurance agency that handles their underlying policies. Doing so can simplify coordination of benefits in the event that you need to make a claim.