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With age discrimination lawsuits on the rise, companies need to be careful


A recent report from Computerworld explained that in the current business landscape, which has become heavily relient upon technology, companies need to be careful not to commit any discriminatory actions pertaining to their employees' ages.

The article relays that age discrimination complaints have risen significantly during the last 10 years, when technology has progressed tremendously. According to figures from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, close to 16,000 age discrimination lawsuits were filed in 2000. In 2010, the total volume rose to 23,000.

While the EEOC doesn't have statistics pertaining to lawsuits filed from technological matters, recent cases have highlighted the importance regardless. In August, tech company 3M was sued by former employees, who claim they were let go in favor of younger workers. As a result, 3M settled the lawsuit for $3 million and gained notoriety in the press for its alleged discrimination.

Even the country's largest tech companies have experienced similar cases. Both Google and Apple are engaged in age discrimination suits as well. Apple's lawsuit sprung when an Orlando-based worker's requests for promotion were ignored and younger workers were promoted. Google's case is similar, involving an older worker who younger employees allegedly created a hostile environment for.

The report highlights the importance of companies avoiding such actions, as any perceived age discrimination can result in negative press and potential professional liability lawsuits filed by workers or regulatory authorities. 

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