Workers' Compensation Insurance for Dentists
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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Your Dental Practice

Because your employees could be exposed to sharps injuries, disease transmission, repetitive-motion injuries, radiation, adhesives, grinding dust and other potentially hazardous materials and situations, workers' compensation is a must for every dental practice.

If you or an employee is hurt on the job, workers' compensation insurance helps your business pay for the cost of any resulting medical expenses as well as some portion of lost income while the employee recovers. In many cases, state law requires dental practices to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees.

What Workers' Compensation Policies Cover

In addition to paying for medical expenses and lost income for injured employees, workers' compensation policies can also include these added benefits:

  • Sharps injuries: payment for the initial cost of testing the injured healthcare worker and reimbursement for initial blood testing of the source patient
  • XactPAY® payroll billing solution, with no large down payment and pay-as-you-go premium charges
  • Access to a nationwide network of more than 400,000 health care providers skilled in handling workplace injuries
  • Team•Work® return-to-work program and nurse case managers for complex cases
  • Help in managing claim expenses by reviewing medical bills and prescription treatments for accuracy

Need Help? Contact Business Insurance Now's Workers' Comp Experts

To ensure compliance with state laws, many dental care businesses need help selecting the right workers' compensation policy and coverage levels.. Contact the dental care provider insurance experts at Business Insurance Now to help you select the right coverage for your business.

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Workers' Compensation Tips

  • If you're the sole employee of your dental care business, you still might need to secure workers' comp coverage. Some state laws require businesses with just one employee to get covered, so be sure you are familiar with the workers' comp laws in your state.
  • If you don't have full-time employees, but do occasionally use contractors to assist you, you might be required by your state laws to cover those contractors with workers' comp insurance. This is why many dentist require their contractors to carry their own workers' comp coverage.
  • In some states, owners, officers, partners and other company principals can exclude themselves from workers' compensation coverage, saving money on premiums. Ask your Business Insurance Now agent to help you determine if this would be a good choice for you.