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QUICK TIP!  5 Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit:
  • Verify employees’ driver licensing and car insurance
  • Restrict access to sensitive client information
  • Lock up the keys to listed properties when not in use
  • Educate employees on safety to prevent accidental injury
  • Implement a “no calls while driving” policy for employees

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Comprehensive Protection for Your Commercial Real Estate Business

In commercial real estate, it’s not uncommon to spend more time away from the office than behind your desk. Whether you’re driving from property to property, showing clients a building after hours, or ensuring that all contract paperwork is in order, this is a business in which the stakes are high, the days are long, and the hours are irregular. As a busy Realtor®, you have enough to worry about when building your business, so it’s critical to protect your real estate business by securing appropriate business insurance.

Business Insurance Now specializes in affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for commercial real estate professionals, so you can stop worrying about the unknown and focus on your properties, your people and your business.

Covered Specialties

Available Coverage

Business Insurance Now makes it easy to secure specialized insurance for commercial real estate companies, providing immediate coverage from top-rated real estate insurance carriers. Our most-requested policies include:

If you’re not sure what kinds of insurance your commercial real estate business needs, the real estate insurance experts at Business Insurance Now can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation risk assessment.

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Project Management Tips to Reduce Your Liability as a Real Estate Agent

  • Implement ergonomics and safety programs for employees. Stress and repetitive motion injuries are some of the most common claims in this business, along with slips, trips and falls.
  • The biggest security-related claims in real estate stem from assault and battery of building patrons. Bring someone along when you’re visiting properties after dark or in areas or situations where you feel vulnerable.
  • Have an emergency response plan ready if your office should be affected by severe weather or another emergency situation.
  • Keep backup copies of important documents in a secure location away from your office.