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Off-Premise Coverage for Catering and Delivery Businesses

If your food service business provides catering or delivery, it's important to be sure that your insurance coverage protects your people, products and equipment when in transit and at other locations. Mobile food service comes with a separate set of risks in addition to those inherent in operating any food service business. For example:

  • Be sure that your property insurance policy covers others' property in your care, custody or control. If, for example, your equipment or one of your decorative candles were to cause a fire at a reception hall, your policy should cover the damage.
  • You also need to be sure that your own business property, including catering equipment, is covered by property insurance at any location where your business may operate, as well as in storage or transit.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance covers the cost to repair or replace equipment lost or damaged by mechanical breakdown or artificially generated electrical current.
  • Your risk of being sued over an incident at a separate location is equal to or greater than your risk of a lawsuit at your place of business. Because your employees may be operating in an unfamiliar environment, the risk of spills, trips, falls and scalding are increased. For example, if one of your employees spills water at an event, one of the attendees could fall and be injured, resulting in a liability suit against your business. General liability insurance protects your business against such lawsuits, wherever they may arise.
  • Because of the delay between food preparation and when it is served, the risk of liability exposure and business interruption increases with catering and delivery. Failing to maintain proper food temperatures in transit or on a buffet could result in food poisoning, and allergic reactions are always a risk. General liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits associated with food poisoning and allergic reactions, while a property insurance policy may provide coverage for business interruption associated with food contamination.
  • Catering businesses that serve alcohol are at the same risk as any restaurant for liquor liability exposures. Even if the host provides and serves the alcohol, you could still be encumbered with a lawsuit, even though it may be without merit, if a guest is allowed to drink and drive.
  • Whether your catering business has its own fleet of vehicles or relies on employees' personal vehicles for transportation, be sure you have a commercial auto insurance policy that covers any potential liability or damages to others' vehicles.
  • Unfortunately, at times employee dishonesty applies to catering and delivery businesses, especially those that collect money on-location. If an employee accepts a payment on behalf of your business and then disappears with the money, your business's employee dishonesty/crime coverage as part of your business owner policy should cover the loss.
  • If your employees travel across state lines to provide catering or delivery services, be sure your workers' compensation insurance meets the requirements of all states in which you do business. If you don't, your workers may not have complete coverage.

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Insurance Tips for Caterers and Delivery Businesses

  • Review the location where food will be served ahead of time and inform your servers of any hazards you identify.
  • Limit the temperatures of hot beverages to prevent scald injuries.
  • Make an ingredient list available to the client and attendees to help avoid potential allergic reactions.
  • Strictly monitor food temperatures during preparation, transit, presentation and storage to prevent spoilage and possible food poisoning.