Property Insurance

Helping a small business grow and mature is a long process that requires dedication and faith - without property insurance, all of this hard work can be lost. Possibly the most essential type of insurance for small business owners, property insurance insures possessions, whether real estate or physical products, and can prevent your company from losing all financial security in the event of a catastrophe that could potentially ruin your business. Business Insurance Now understands the importance of this plan and can help you format a monthly premium that will make sure your business will be able to rebuild in the case of a tragedy.

The cost of property insurance hinges on a number of factors including whether or not you own your physical space (production area, office space, or any other place that your employees use to do business). If the space is rented, the property insurance simply covers all of the contents and products that are stored within the confines of the room or rooms. The costs of this type of plan vary depending on the total worth of the furniture, products and other assets in the space. A cheaper option can be to insure your property for its actual cash value. This means if you have owned the furniture for seven years, it will be replaced for its value seven years after its purchase date. While this option can provide for an inexpensive monthly payment, businesses benefit more from a larger sum of money in the case of an accident.

Business Insurance Now will help you estimate how much small business liability will cost your business. Use the free quote option on the site to help formulate a budget for your small business. Paying a small fee each month can mean the difference between your company's ability to revive itself or crumble after suffering through extreme financial loss.


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