Liability Insurance

What is liability insurance?

While owning a small business is an exciting opportunity to boost an innovative company off the ground, it can also be one of the most dangerous positions because of the inherent risks that come with managing employees. To significantly reduce the possibility of being held responsible for accidents or legal suits, liability insurance offers an overwhelming feeling of security for many involved in small business. At Business Insurance Now, liability insurance is one of the most popular forms of protection for small organizations.

What does my policy cover?

Think about what it takes in running a small business. For example, we can say your company is a small hot dog shop. Seems fairly risk-free, right? What harm can hot dogs do? Hopefully, not much. However, if a customer gets ill from a food product, it could mean the end of the hot dog hoopla. With liability insurance, risks such as these are less threatening because most plans will cover the costs of an individual's medical bills and guard your business from being strongly affected in court.

While hot dogs may not appear to relate to your company, the reality is that every small business can be held responsible for many unexpected faults such as property damage, broken contracts, and injuries to employees and clients. General liability insurance helps reduce the possibility of placing the blame on your company while providing financial backing for most legal fees that can add up during liability lawsuits.

How can I get liability insurance?

At Business Insurance Now, you can find out if your company qualifies for General liability or Professional liability insurance. Some high-risk workplaces cannot work under this type of plan because the dangers associated with the job restrict liability insurance from being a practical agreement for insurance companies. For any company that can operate under such a plan, finding the right liability insurance can mean the vital support in keeping a business together during a difficult time.


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