Unique Business Insurance Needs for Employment Agencies

Employment agencies have unique business insurance needs because of their special relationship with clients and employees. They are responsible for recruiting qualified, reliable employees that are able to perform the assigned tasks with little to no instruction. They are also trusted by their employees that the job assignments will be safe and comfortable working conditions.
If either the client or the employee is dissatisfied, the agency is liable for any damages or claims. This is risky and having the appropriate business insurance and liability coverage will help protect the staffing agency from expensive lawsuit payouts.
Good business insurance packages for employment agencies will usually include:
  • General liability coverage,
  • errors and omissions insurance,
  • Worker’s compensation insurance,
  • Employment practices liability insurance,
  • Umbrella liability insurance.

Coverage plans that include these types of insurance will more than likely provide full coverage to the employment agency, putting their mind at ease in the event of lawsuits.

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