Small Business Owners and Workers Compensation Insurance – A Match Made in Heaven

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One thing that keeps small business owners up at night is the threat of lawsuits from their employees. No matter how friendly of an environment your workplace is, if an employee slips and falls while at work, gets hurt lifting some computers or gets in an accident while on the clock, they could make a worker’s compensation claim against your business.

In doing so, you could be held liable for hospital bills and salary compensation for their missed time. Nobody wants to have to pay those expenses out of pocket, so workers compensation insurance becomes even more crucial.

If you are worried about paying high premiums on your workers comp policies, consider taking a look at your internal safety measures. Do you have proper warning signs in place around machinery and equipment that could be hazardous? Are employees required to take regular breaks so that they are not working while fatigued?

There are any number of ways to reduce your liability risk for worker’s comp claims as long as you are aware of injuries that could potentially occur while on duty.

For more workers comp insurance information, please visit the TechInsurance Small Business Center.

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