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As every accountant, bookkeeper, tax preparer or other financial professional knows, a small mistake on your part can cause big problems for your client. And while you and your employees are highly trained and good at what you do, no one is perfect, and mistakes do happen. Thankfully, you can protect your business against the high cost of lawsuits—and mitigate other types of risk as well—by investing in appropriate business insurance from Business Insurance Now.

Thousands of businesses look to us for top-quality insurance at a competitive rate, and stay with us for our friendly service and outstanding customer support. Trust the accounting insurance experts at Business Insurance Now to get your business covered, fast—at a great rate. Get insured now.

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Business Insurance Now specializes in easy, affordable insurance for independent finance professionals and small to mid-sized firms. We know the accounting industry and the risks that are inherent in your line of work. And because we're business insurance experts who work only with top-rated carriers, you can get all your coverage from a single source, and be confident that you have all the coverage you need at a competitive rate.

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Risk Management Tips to Reduce Your Liability
as an Accountant

  • When communication with your client breaks down, lawsuits are more likely. Keep the lines of communication open, and document as much as you can. A detailed contract can help to define the scope of work you'll perform for your client, and can set expectations for the client's responsibilities as well as your own.
  • If you're asked to work on a large-scale project for your client, a written timeline can help to establish expectations, while regular progress reports can reduce surprises. If the scope of a project changes, document it in writing.
  • Before you begin work, create a detailed project management plan that delineates any factors that could negatively affect the success of your engagement. Outlining the risks up front prepares your client ahead of time for potential delays or glitches due to situations beyond your control.